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25th-Oct-2011 10:03 pm - Four Words
BC Nummy pink bow tie
Title: Four Words
Word Count: 315
Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: What you have heard about isn't mine. This is just for fun.
Notes: For hogwarts_elite latest Ficlet contest. Came in second place. Theme was to write the last moments of a minor/not well-known character who dies.

Four WordsCollapse )
Eddie smirk
So yeah, I'm just dumping off some recent, old drabbles I've written. The first one is a GG drabble, the second is a crossover with the GG, PLL, and HP fandoms and the other three are all HP drabbles (and written for hogwarts_elite ).

Disclaimer: I own nothing here. Except maybe for the crazy notion that Bart Bass is A @_@

UntitledCollapse )

~ ~ ~

Carry On Wayward SonCollapse )

~ ~ ~

Not Worth the TroubleCollapse )

~ ~ ~

The BetCollapse )
17th-Sep-2011 05:47 pm - HP/PLL crossover
Georgina the awesome
Title: Let the Game Begin
Crossover: PLL/HP. Did it for hogwarts_elite.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the crack theory that A is 1) a wizard and 2) Bart Bass.

Let the Game BeginCollapse )
14th-Mar-2011 10:04 pm - Auctioning myself off on help_japan
Georgina the awesome
Crossposted to coldwriter and specialsnoflak.

So yeah, that's what that says. I'm giving away my writing, both original and fanfic, for help_japan. I do plan to donate money as well but I need a little bit more of it in my bank first. I am currently strapped for cash and I don't get paid till Friday.

So I am offering a fanfic in either Harry Potter or Gossip Girl fandoms. I'm pretty flexible with these fandoms though we will probably have to discuss the details later:


And I'm offering original fic too:


There's very little I won't write or attempt to write. However, I may ask you for other options should I fail to get your first one done.

And don't forget to check other people out as well! There's a lot of talented people on LJ.

Much love to all of you,

11th-Jun-2010 09:12 pm - Made To Love You
Leighton amazing as always
Made To Love YouCollapse )
10th-Jun-2010 01:15 pm - Foolish
Jenny the awesome
FoolishCollapse )
10th-Jun-2010 10:29 am - Lucky Stars
Eddie smirk
Lucky StarsCollapse )
14th-Apr-2010 10:25 pm - Same Old Sad Love Song
More Amy
Same Old Sad Love SongCollapse )
13th-Apr-2010 06:52 pm - One Night
Jenny the awesome
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