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6th-Mar-2010 08:40 am - Books now in stock
Jenny smile
You know, I posted this everywhere except here. My book is out on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. It's a novel so those of you who were waiting for me to write a novel, here you go!



The only place I can see them selling with prices in pounds and euros is at the main bookstore:


Please note it's got limited marketing right now. I'm trying to see if I can get it in other places. But don't hold you breath for it. So if you want, you can order it online right now and it will be delivered to you right away. B&N members, you can get your discount and it's returnable if you hate it. :P

My brother's book, I don't know. We gave it to his friend who has done nothing with it yet. I wish we hadn't now. That guy takes forever to reply to anything. I blame my mother for this when we could have taken care of it much sooner. As for the charity, that is taking a long time and is a lot of work. His friend was also supposed to get back to us on that but didn't. *sigh*

-crossposted here and coldwriter

Rose dimples of doom!
Title: The Small Moments That Led to Chuck and Blair
Rating: PG/PG-13 (somewhere in the middle)
Words: 1500 +/-
Pairing/Characters: Chuck/Blair, mostly UES but Brooklyn gang's in it too.
Summary: All the moments in Chuck and Blair's life slowly lead up the biggest moment of all.
Disclaimer: GG isn't mine and hasn't ever been mine. Thank you to Dawn for beta-ing as usual.

Chapter 9: Search Party Redux and Surprise!Collapse )
16th-Feb-2010 04:45 pm - Just Dessert
Your argument is irrelevant because of t
Title: Just Dessert
Rating: M/NC-17 (whichever you use)
Words: 1000 -/+
Pairing: Chuck/Blair
Spoilers: Uh, none really. Hopefully you have seen 3.01.
Summary: The continuation of the C/B roleplay scene of 3.01.
Note: GG isn't mine. Thanks to Dawn for the beta. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Just DessertCollapse )
31st-Jan-2010 09:11 pm - Flooded
Your argument is irrelevant because of t
FloodedCollapse )
31st-Jan-2010 04:47 pm - Salt
More Amy
SaltCollapse )
19th-Jan-2010 08:44 pm - At My Door
Rose dimples of doom!
At My DoorCollapse )
15th-Jan-2010 04:15 pm - She's Too Pure
Your argument is irrelevant because of t
She's Too PureCollapse )
31st-Dec-2009 10:25 am - Secret Santa
Eddie smirk
This is a Secret Santa drabble for mpgirl and it was kinda written at the last minute x_x. Since apparently that's how I roll. Mia, forgive me if this sucks. As usual, Gossip Girl is not mine. In the future, I might come up with a title for this drabble since I don't have one right now.

Secret Santa present that has no title right nowCollapse )
29th-Nov-2009 03:18 pm - You'll Have to Wait
Georgina the awesome
You'll Have to WaitCollapse )


Amy necklace
Title: The Small Moments That Led to Chuck and Blair
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Rating: PG
Pairing: Chuck/Blair
Summary: All the moments in Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf's life are leading up the biggest moment of all.
Note: I own nothing in GG and thanks to Dawn for the beta.

Chapter 7: The First Dance and The Last BreathCollapse )
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